About This Site

This site is written and published using Org-roam.

This site is JavaScript-free, contains minimal CSS, and is requires zero external dependencies or build tools. It looks clean in a desktop browser and is mobile-friendly straight out-of-the-box.

This site is hosted on an old Dell Latitude laptop running Ubuntu 20.x in my living room closet. There is no cloud, just my own harddrive and some spare parts I had lying around.

I have been developing websites since the dawn of <CENTER> and the rise of <FRAME>. After spending the last few years neck-deep in build pipelines and development tools, I thought it might be a nice change-of-pace to condense my own personal site and go back to making things simple again.

Here is to a new era of not writing needless JavaScript and embracing the ways things were, because sometimes we can learn from the past and recognize that not all new technology is good.

Call me a curmudgeon, but I will sleep better knowing that I can come back to this site in a month or two and not a single NPM package will be broken nor a single security issue will be raised.

Simplier is often better.

Author: Thomas Lackemann

Created: 2021-12-13 Mon 09:15