Just do it yourself.

I am currently looking into monitoring tools for a recent project and was reminded of how much I have grown to loathe the overbloating of tools. Most software out there promises several thousand features to appease enterprise overlords while often failing to deliver on their intended core use. And it’s our fault.

Startups and developers are constantly seeking the best tool to use for the job. What startup or SaaS offers the best features at the best price? We have been conditioned to believe anyone with a team is certainly solving a problem better than we can.

What do you mean we can’t afford this cost? It does this so much better than we can!

The problem is, when startups and developers choose yet another tool to deploy or implement, they are introducing several more layers of complexity to deal with. One service uses PostgreSQL while a different service uses MySQL. One package requires an extra build step, this other package is written in a language no one uses at this company.

Instead of solving the initial problem, we end up creating more problems for ourselves. What most developers really should be doing is solving the problem themselves.

Just do it yourself.

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Author: Thomas Lackemann

Created: 2022-06-27 Mon 12:37