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Thomas Lackemann is a software engineer and entrepreneur who specializes in building digital minimal viable products for businesses, small and large.

Tom has been building applications for the web for a little over a decade, integrating new and old technologies alike to make beautiful applications that meet the goals of business and user expectations. Over the years, he’s learned and been burned by almost every technology which has helped him make better decisions about an application’s technology of choice. Tom’s preferred languages are Node.js, PHP, Go, and Python. He’s currently learning Elixir/Erlang and so far, loving both.

Tom is a homebrewer, a triathlete, linux-enthusiast, and a classically trained pianist. He enjoys really long walks in the woods (bring your own tent) and wants to hike part of the Appalachian trail in 2016. In his spare time, Tom is building a video game he also hopes to release this year. When away from his keyboard, Tom can be found playing fetch with his two dogs, Riley and Jake, or exploring the food spots around Jersey and NYC with his girlfriend, Kim.

Tom is the founder and lead developer of Rapid App which he operates remotely from Jersey City, NJ.

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