Bravo Six, Going Dark

Posted on July 20, 2020 in personal

Early last week, I decided to delete Facebook forever. This was an easy choice for me but a more difficult one for the people close to me. Not being on social media, "is weird", according to my fiancé - or was weird, I suppose.

It's no secret and it should increasingly worry everyone that social media sites like Facebook are a direct threat to our democracy. In addition, social media is known to be bad for mental health.

So I'm out.

At the end of the week, I will be deleting my Twitter and Reddit accounts and will not be rejoining these sites anytime soon.

I might be back online, in some shape or another, but it won't be until there's a site where I can own my own data and control exactly who sees what and how often. Maybe it'll be something I build personally.

So this is the final blog post I'll share online. Goodbye for now, online friends. You can stay in touch with me by following this blog.

May your travels bring you safety and happiness.

Bravo six, going dark.

~ Tom

Thomas Lackemann :)


Tom is the founder of Astral TableTop. He's a homebrewer, hiker, and has an about page. Follow @tlackemann on Twitter for more discussions like this.