Closing Rapid App

Posted on May 10, 2017 in reflection

In 21 days, I am going to be doing something I have only done one other time unsuccessfully. Launching Power VTT has been on my mind since January and since then it has gone through:

  • One pivot,
  • Several redesigns,
  • Two name changes, and
  • Three domain changes

Everything you see in regards to Power VTT has been 99% me. In 5 months I built a desktop application, registered an LLC, brought on a lawyer to draft EULAs and other legal documents, setup all servers, integrations, systems, and applications needed to foster a community and nuture an email list, handled all UX/UI, and even took time each day to talk to users to find what I need to work on next.

I never planned any of to happen though. I never planned for 1,000+ people to sign up with great anticipation of what I was promising. I never planned to foster a small community of beta users that were genuinely interested in bettering the product. I definitely did not plan to open up a marketplace on launch either let alone fulfill a contract with an artist to list over 1,500+ assets on the store; it all happened however and we are 21 days from launching.

I have been putting myself through an immense amount of pressure and I want to be open about it. Power VTT took some time to build and in that time I was also consulting for clients. That will soon change. I am burning out because I cannot run two companies fairly.

On June 1, I will be retiring Rapid App and will not be taking on new work. I am doing this for my own mental health and because I genuinely love what I am building with Power VTT. There will be people who are upset but at the end of the day, you need to do what is best for you and fuck everyone else.

My message here is this: love what you do and most importantly, love yourself. If you are not happy, change it.

Closing Rapid App is one of the hardest things I am doing at the moment but I know it is right. I am looking forward to the next chapter where I will get to serve my next set of clients, my own customers.

Thomas Lackemann :)


Tom is the founder of Astral TableTop. He's a homebrewer, hiker, and has an about page. Follow @tlackemann on Twitter for more discussions like this.