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I hold all the answers

Posted on Aug 2, 2019 in

It took me a long time to realize but I finally concluded that I contain all the answers. The answers I have are hidden somewhere in me, I just need to learn to unlock them.

I can unlock these answers by reading a book, or by talking to an expert on a subject, or even while casually conversing with a friend.

Maybe I hold the answers to space travel, or perhaps how to save a few dollars each grocery trip. Any problem I have I am keen to solving.

Don’t take this the wrong way, you hold all the answers too!

The answers you have could help solve world hunger or could maybe improve the reliability of life-saving medical devices. All it takes is a little hard work and passion to find the answers you are looking for. How amazing is that!

Talk to your friends, your mentors, your coworkers, and try to help each other unlock the answers you already have in your head. I’m sure you will find something amazing you didn’t know you had before.


Tom is the CEO (Customer Experience Overlord) of Unicorn Heart Club where he leads development for Astral Virtual TableTop. He's a homebrewer, hiker, and has an about page.

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