Patch 2020-06-08

Codename: Stupid sexy bells


Uses VCV Rack v1.

Heavily inspired by Comparative Irrelevance and the "3 modules" series, I wanted to try and create a nice sounding patch using a small number of Mutable Instruments modules.

This patch also utilizes a few extra standard modules to drive and output the sound.

  • AS SEQ16 (sequencer)
  • AS Mixer8ch (mixer)
  • Audio-8 (for sound output)
  • RjModules BPM (clock)

How It Works (WIP)

Disclaimer: I am still learning modules so if any of the below is inaccurate, please let me know.

BPM drives the external clock (EXT CLK) for SEQ16 which is configured to cycle through 8 steps. The GATES output of SEQ16 is then patched to the STRUM of Resonator and TRIG of Macro Oscillator 2.

With Resonator set to "Quantized sympathetic strings" mode and Macro Oscillator 2 is put into "Two operator FM" mode, these two modules give us a nice ringing plucking effect with each sequence step.

Row 1 of the sequencer controls the notes played from Macro Oscillator 2 by patching Row 1 to V/Oct.

The output (AUX) of Macro Oscillator 2 is then patched to Resonator's IN for processing.