Formal Invitation

I brewed this beer exclusively for the groomsmen in my wedding this year. It was inspired by a black ESB made by Blue Point Brewery back in the day.

I brewed this beer with traditional Extra Special Bitter ingredients plus blackprinz malt, to add color without too much bitterness.

Since this beer was only brewed for 5 people, I limited the brew size to one-gallon.

ABV 4.7%
Brix % 9.1%
O.G. 1.0363
IBUs 35


Grain Amount
Maris Otter 1 lb 7.5 oz
Caramel 40L 2.5 oz
Caramel 90L 2.5 oz
Blackprinz 2.5 oz
Total ~2lbs

Mashed between 156-158°F for 60-minutes. I used my dutch oven to mash using a grain bag, sparged using a stock pot and strainer. Easy-peasy.

As a bonus, I discovered I could use my BBQ thermometer to monitor the temperature of the mash using my phone.


Hop Amount Time
East Kent Goldings 0.1oz 60 minutes
East Kent Goldings 0.4oz 30 minutes
East Kent Goldings 0.5oz 10 minutes

Hop profile is really simple. I tried not to overpower the malt character of the beer and let it speak for itself so sparing increments of East Kent Goldings were used across a 60 minute boil.


Pitched using Safale S-04. I didn't seek out to like this yeast strain, but I do use it for almost everything. Tried and true. Works every time.

Fermented between 70-75°F for one week. Transferred to secondary and fermented at similar temperatures for one week.

In progress 2020-01-19