Social Experiment: Fireworks

Fireworks is a simple web application that lets you create and view fireworks from around the world.

Fireworks are created in real-time and sent to everyone connected.

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Fireworks screenshot


The with the global quarantine continuing, I wanted to bring people together by getting them to communicate in a simple but fun way.

Send your support to others by creating your own fireworks, or simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.



I've been using Pixi.js for a fair bit of time now (3+ years) so I'm pretty acquainted with the API and how to get things done with it. Astral was also built using WebSockets so I'm fairly comfortable working with those as well.

Originally I wanted to build this using Warp but ultimately decided to fallback to good ol' TypeScript as I didn't want to spend multiple days building this.

Overall, the project took 7-hours to build including deployment to a small DigitalOcean server.

I'm excited to use this project as a boilerplate for future social experiments in alternative real-time communication and collaboration.


Open-source on GitHub: View Code